Lyfestile, Personal Post, Positive Post

Reinventing myself

I have reached a lot of goals that seemed not possible to accomplish some time ago.

The barriers I met seemed insurmountable at the time.
I was used to thinking that I have to overcome them all at once.
This let me have a preemptive vision about what aspected me.
But it also scared me a lot.

The fear didn’t stop me so I followed my instinct setting plans and proceeding step by step, and at last, I have overcome these barriers. Naturally, the plans were not fixed but flexible and they were modified when needed.

Anyway, many times the situation seemed without hope but I readjusted myself and took action in place.

What used to scare me in past, now, scares me less often. And when it happens I’m more ready to react letting me grow toward flexibility and self-esteem.


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