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Sometimes, reading some posts on social networks I have the impression that the world described was too ethereal and had nothing physical.

But I have the same impression looking back on my past life. It seems like a dream.

But life is made of sacrifice, pain and sorrow. But not for me, I was born into a well-suited family, even though my parents are divorced. But my entire family has always cared for me and kept me up in difficult moments. And this made my life easier.

However, I have had difficult moments with my mental wellness. Without my family, I couldn’t have overcome my problems but even without my consistency.

I have kept the line and always looked for improvement. I have always tried to explore the infinity inside and outside me.

I have to tell thank you to all the people I have met and, someone, who stay in my life, every one of them left in my life important signs.

I have to be grateful for what I feel is God. I don’t have a clear image of it. It is a sort of energy that let me be led by it. It provided big changes in my way. And I feel it protects me.

Last but not least, there is a woman that has raised big challenges and led me on a precise path. She has been the only woman I have felt in love with. Nowadays maybe she even doesn’t remember me or maybe she is still scared of me. But the remembering of the moments I spent with her still provokes many feelings in me. Ciao Adele.

But above all, I have to be grateful for my attitude to fight against my flaws which comes exactly from a choice: the choice to not let me and all the people I love die.

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The Root of the Universe

I have often wondered if life has a purpose if we are alone. What is the meaning of everything? Are our struggles meaningless?

But now what I think is that we’re not alone, and the followings are the conclusions I have come to:

I believe something superior that leads our destinies exists. It’s not God as it is usually thought. It’s pure energy. And we are invited to join this energy. But why we aren’t just joined with it by default? Why are we separated? Because in order to bind that energy we need to make a choice. That choice, if done, involves us in a journey that can span all eternity. Because that trip has no end.

So from a teleological point of view, my existence has a purpose. That is to reunite, every day more, with the master energy, the source of our universe that we could call God, and help other people, who have chosen in such a way, to do the same.

I can’t be exhaustive on this topic. Because no explanation could fill the gap between our ability to think about God and the experience of being going toward God itself.

When a being chooses to reunite with God they are involved in a no-end journey. At this time I wonder, what about the others? What is the end of the People that don’t choose to rejoin God? Many religion says they will go to hell or perish, but I don’t think so.

Every being practices compassion, love, fraternity and fight for justice. Every person that cares about others in some way will be saved. Because in the end, those who choose love choose to reunite themselves with the pure Energy that is the root of all universes.

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A way to acquire the skill of love

Love is a skill. In order to be able to love others, you need to acquire it through a journey of transformation to rebuild a new heart (or to recover the real one). But how can we face this journey?

Simple, being ourselves. It could seem easy but it won’t. Revealing ourselves for what we are and not hiding it because of fear is one of the most difficult tasks, you could have ever faced.

For many reasons, first of all, the real consequences this revealing could have. Exposing ourselves can lead us to bad judgements by others for example. Or it could damage our reputation. And many other issues.

So, how can we face this exposition? This could be the tricky one, I call it to follow the spirit, it will lead you.

But if you don’t know what the spirit is, you never can follow it, maybe. Spirit is a path of easiness, integrity, judgment-less, and the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others.

Following the spirit can lead us to many difficult situations, but with help of the spirit, we can manage them easily. Piece of cake.

In this way, we can conquer the integrity of ourselves that is the fact that we are made of love. Love is our real nature. And it helps you a lot in life because love is in harmony with everything.

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For the sake of Love

I’m able to switch between different points of view. This makes me a smart man. But in order to be wise, I need to use this capacity for noble purposes.

Wise people would build greatness not only about themselves but even about the world where they live.

They look at the general picture. They don’t care only about themselves but they are really able to stay in the shoes of others and make decisions in such a way properly.

Those who care only about their selfish interests are neither wise nor deserve a good life. These people are doomed to a miserable life at least until they don’t change their attitude toward life and the world in general.

Because a life without feeling love is always a miserable life, even though you are the richest man in the world.

But is this affirmation true? How can we know I’m saying the truth. Of course, this is only a point of view.

But as my personal preference, I prefer people led by love rather than interests. And love has no limit nor boundaries.

Exploring our relationship with love is the most interesting task ever. I love people, and as one of my preferred novels said (the Gospel): “love your enemies”, so I try to love even them.

As always Jesus Christ said: “love is the unique commandment”. And if you love you are even willing to help others and sometimes, if the situation requires it, able to sacrifice yourself.

But what if we don’t feel the love?

In this case, always the Gospel says that God will change our hearts, and It will donate us a new one. So it’s a path of transformation. We have to give up everything for the rule of love, and we will be led into a path of transformation that lasts all eternity because learning to love has no end.

We should choose if we want to engage on a path of transformation towards love only for sake of love or perish on a path of hate, envy and other bad feelings.

Love is freedom, so the only commandment we have is to follow our natural attitude which is to improve for the sake of love.

And at the last, but not least love opens the doors of paradise, here on earth. Even if you don’t receive material benefits from love, you will receive something more important: the sacred spirit. And being in the heart of our creator is the best gift we could ever receive.

Just love, that’s enough. But always ask yourself if your love is real love or a stupid, arrogant thought to deserve paradise even when we are the most miserable people in the world.

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What we are (eternally)

I have chosen to be the real me, but it’s not easy if every action I bring seems fake and I suffer from impostor syndrome.

But I’m real, I have done a lot of decisions (followed by actions) that put myself on the table. And I have had a lot of fun doing them!

I think that life could be appreciated only if you are able to be yourself. Don’t misunderstand me, I lie sometimes but I know it when I do. What matters the most is to be authentic with yourself. To know who we are.

And we are many things we are losers, winners, successful and mediocre people. It depends on the point of view we see ourselves.

But whatever we see we should have the will to improve our personal being. Because as I said many times we aren’t caring only about mind and body. We are caring about our souls. And souls last eternally.

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What if building meaningful relationships is not possible or not useful?

Sometimes we feel as if our relationships aren’t fulfilling. So in this case what we can base our life on? Many people refuge in God, money, career, power, a sense of superiority, or unkindness. But I think, think these “things” aren’t the answer. I think the answer is to try another way to build our relationship because dissatisfaction is a sign that we are doing something wrong. We shouldn’t give up, there is always another way to accomplish the same goal. And another important thing is that we should care about one of the more important relationships we have, such as ourselves.

So, try harder or let it go, it depends, but do not give up. Because better relationships are what we need, it’s what the world needs.

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Sometimes is harsh necessary?

I think that to be sweet is a very good option. Being patient and kind is a great skill that we should acquire. But sometimes reality is harsh. And we should communicate this harsh part of reality too. We don’t live in a perfect world, where everyone is honest, kind, or altruist. Besides people often refuge in a utopic, ego-centric world and they consider themselves too important.

If you care about someone, you need to shake this aspect of reality or human behavior sometimes. If you make people think that they are too important or that everything will work fine even though wrong behavior, you aren’t caring about that person anymore.

We need to speak the truth sometimes and this truth is often, inevitably, expressed brutally. It’s very difficult not getting things personally when you are communicating the truth, (or at the least, “your truth”) to other people. Often conflicts arise. But these conflicts are necessary for us and other people to grow.

I think a great objective I can put in my life at the moment is to be assertive avoiding as much as possible being brutal. And above all, I shouldn’t get things personally and always remember I could be wrong. In this way, I can improve myself and the people I’m connected with.

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Good behavior and interest

I always note people that claim that their good behavior leads to financial or gain some kind of interest. So I figure out that such kinds of people will behave badly if it meets their interests. They aren’t genuinely good. I think that a lastly and long good behavior is assured only by people that are sincerely and purely good in their heart. I, personally, trust such kinds of people. But I don’t trust the former.

On the other side, there are people that behave badly because “life hurts”. They are good inside but they have learned to be bad because it’s not easy to keep good behavior when we are surrounded by bad behaviourers. In fact, we can learn to be bad or good, it depends on many elements.

I think that a work environment rich with good and motivated people enriches you and makes you happy. For this reason, I love employers that inspire the employees in such a way. They build a company not only for earning purposes but a company that makes a difference. A company to be proud of.

Are you happy if you have a lot of money and make others’ lives miserable? I think not.

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What could make me a happy and successful person?

What makes me happy is building mindful and deep relationships. So, even though having money to pay your bills is, however, important, I think having a job that lets me do this is equally important.

I think success is even an important part of our life but I think that success is not what people usually think success is.

Success is not money or fame. Success is to have a meaningful life. If you earn money in spite of the community or people and exploit them and you aren’t contributing in any way to improve society then, you can have all the money and fame in this world, but you aren’t a successful person at all. And surely, you aren’t conducting a meaningful life. Instead, your life is pretty miserable, because it is without a real and edifying purpose.

So, for instance, the ability to succeed lies in the ability to build strong and deep connections and relationships. And this leads me to have a purpose.

You could think that building these types of connections is very difficult, or even impossible. But there is another ingredient that makes it possible for me, and it is to find my vocation and pursue it. If I pursue my vocation I’m able to feel the self-esteem that lets me love others.

But I haven’t had clear my vocation all time and since the beginning. Discovering one own vocation is a process. Many times, we don’t have clear what we are called for and we discover it in the process. And it can change over time as long as we become more aware of ourselves and the world surrounding us.

In conclusion: I have three ingredients for my own happiness: relationships, purpose, and vocation. And I think that for many are the same.

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Why do we need to discover ourselves?

Becoming a software developer means facing a lot of challenges. I think that in order to face these challenges we need motivation. Where can we find it?

To have a salary is a great pusher but after years of developing is not enough: because in order to produce code we need inspiration and salary fades inspiration away after years of developing. Definitely, we need more.

In order to find this “more”, we need to discover ourselves, our real passion, our real motivation, and at this point understand if there is something to change in us or in our life.

To proceed in the path of a software developer you should love changes, challenges, learning, problem-solving, and more but above all you need to be able to build trusting relationships. The last is not as easy as it appears. It requires a lot of soft skills that, in order to acquire them, you need to shake your being since the fundamentals. So in order to have an effective improvement, it’s required to know yourself. Because if you don’t know yourself, you aren’t able to have an effective change of yourself. In order to change awareness of ourselves and the environment is required.