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Reinventing myself

I have reached a lot of goals that seemed not possible to accomplish some time ago.

The barriers I met seemed insurmountable at the time.
I was used to thinking that I have to overcome them all at once.
This let me have a preemptive vision about what aspected me.
But it also scared me a lot.

The fear didn’t stop me so I followed my instinct setting plans and proceeding step by step, and at last, I have overcome these barriers. Naturally, the plans were not fixed but flexible and they were modified when needed.

Anyway, many times the situation seemed without hope but I readjusted myself and took action in place.

What used to scare me in past, now, scares me less often. And when it happens I’m more ready to react letting me grow toward flexibility and self-esteem.

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The power to heal the world

It doesn’t exist space for love in this world. And when I say love I don’t mean love between partners but love as love your neighbour.

Everyone pursues only their personal interests and this seems normal.

There is no space for sincere concerns about the human condition of a person. Everything is ascribable to some kind of interest.

Nobody sacrifices themselves in spite of others for the sake of pure love.

Are these sentences proper? Or is there space for love in this world? What can people that believe in love do?

I think nobody is perfect for this reason pardon is necessary. I guess nothing is secure for this reason I believe love can exist.

And if you think love and pardon are naive topics I tell you that those can change the world. They are the most revolutionary acts people can do.

But what others exploitation of these traits? Should we let others maliciously take advantage of these “weaknesses”?

I can say that it depends on the state of the situation. I could say sometimes yes, sometimes not. There are no fixed rules. It’s a skill that is learned by experience.

Anyway, what matters the most is that love can exist. What follows is a divine consequence.

Love and pardon should come in a natural way and nobody can be forced to love or pardon. The problem is that people who have these skills are often seen as weak people and so they feel about themselves.

I propose to shift the paradigm. They are the leaders that will lead this world once they become aware of their power. The power to heal the world.

In any case, people who don’t have these skills can master them properly. It’s only a matter of time before desires followed by actions will lead you to become the best lover and pardoner the world has ever had.