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Improve yourselves to improve the world

In my opinion, the world needs to be changed, as someone says. Still, it is also true that believing in a perfect society where there are no social and emotional difficulties is utopian, as someone else says. After all, someone said that if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself.
So if you don’t face all the negative situations with an attitude of personal growth, in the end, you will remain the same as always, and therefore you will not bring any benefit to the world.
I also believe that taking one’s own life is never the solution. And that words, even if they hurt like hell, are always just words, and even if they sometimes have devastating emotional effects, you have to deal with it.
And it’s only when those words won’t hurt you anymore, neither in memories nor in reality, that you can say you’ve won, that you’ve become a better person and that you’re ready to contribute to the world. Otherwise, you will remain nothing but another human being trapped in his ego or emotional limits. And a person unable to improve himself will never be able to contribute significantly to the world.

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Humbleness, altruism, trust, sincerity, getting the void as an occasion to grow, learn, spread positive thoughts of empathy, avoiding judgements, creating communion, building sane boundaries, respecting others’ boundaries, avoiding exploiting weaknesses, not letting be exploited, friendliness, informality, respecting seniority, supporting juniors, if needed: taking on others’ responsibilities, love.

These are some aspects of sane teamwork that we can transpose in every aspect of our society and, going up further, of our world. If we live accordingly to these principles we have better teams, companies, societies and nations.

But people insist to bring to the team selfishness, arrogance, lies, divisive thoughts of unempathy, untrust, flattering seniors, bossing juniors, avoiding putting ourselves in others’ shoes, exploiting weaknesses, inability to build sane boundaries, breaking others’ boundaries, fearing the void and not getting it as an occasion to grow, too much formality, obsession for hierarchies, hate.

These are aspects of insane teamwork that we, often, transpose in many aspects of our society and in our entire world.

It’s difficult to find an environment that lives by sane principles of teamwork. So if you haven’t yet found one, try to transform yours, build one new or look for one.

As for the world, if we build teams made of trusted people that trust each other we will create a sane world that lives accordingly to sane principles of teamwork.