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Gaining Free Will

There are so many wrong sides and aspects of reality, so those who even aspire or hope that something gets better should be considered crazy.
If humanity cannot cure itself, who can do it instead?

My answer is to do what I freely want wherever it leads me. But this raises a bunch of questions:

  • What do I freely want to do?
  • Why do I want what I want?
  • Where it leads me?
  • Am I free?

These questions lean on the mystery of free will. For many centuries philosophers and theologists have tried to answer these questions.

Everyone has underlined some particular aspect of the issue and faced it in a specific manner. Still, there is no absolute and definitive answer, we can debate as long as we want, but the answer is absolutely personal and subjective. Because the concept of free will implies the idea of free thoughts. And if a man is not allowed to think in a way he judges as correct, he is not free at all.

But to have free thoughts, it’s needed to free our minds and heart from many biases. But removing biases is the most challenging task.

Often, it requires us to strike the fundamental of our being and give up all our superstitions.

For these reasons, we need to support each other. This is a goal we have to achieve collectively, despite race, religion, beliefs or nationality