Thought’s about contemporary world

Recently I have heard people debate about suicide of young people, here in Italy. There are many different opinions: those blaming society and those the victims.

I think that the correct answer resides in between the two opposites. Today society is too consumer oriented, too valueless.

People don’t find in it reasons to hope that it could improve. But is it true?

I think our society is migrating from the old to the new, making victims. But this has happened, accordingly to history, to every society big change. Besides there are things like ties between Occidental society and the rest of the world that complicate further the things. So more than blaming society I would blame history but history is not blamable.

On the other side, a singular person of today world has their own responsibilities. And even them sprout from ancient historical reasons.

So we shouldn’t look for someone to blame, but we should look for a set of solutions. That we can only implement this if we work together in trust. And these solutions start from the free dialogue capacity we should have. But we are in a moment in history where if people can’t speak freely to each other, they won’t find any solutions.

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Please, trust someone.

I know that is a best practice not to trust only words but to base our trust upon others’ actions.

It seems easy in words. However, when we try to apply this simple principle we found ourselves overwhelmed by nasty thoughts about how, when, and why to treat people.

So our fire door to escape from becomes our unextinguishable sense of selfishness ending up not trusting anybody ever.

But how can we succeed to have nurturing relationships with others without being exploited?

This is a mystery. What I know is that if you don’t trust anyone your life is highly miserable.

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Humbleness, altruism, trust, sincerity, getting the void as an occasion to grow, learn, spread positive thoughts of empathy, avoiding judgements, creating communion, building sane boundaries, respecting others’ boundaries, avoiding exploiting weaknesses, not letting be exploited, friendliness, informality, respecting seniority, supporting juniors, if needed: taking on others’ responsibilities, love.

These are some aspects of sane teamwork that we can transpose in every aspect of our society and, going up further, of our world. If we live accordingly to these principles we have better teams, companies, societies and nations.

But people insist to bring to the team selfishness, arrogance, lies, divisive thoughts of unempathy, untrust, flattering seniors, bossing juniors, avoiding putting ourselves in others’ shoes, exploiting weaknesses, inability to build sane boundaries, breaking others’ boundaries, fearing the void and not getting it as an occasion to grow, too much formality, obsession for hierarchies, hate.

These are aspects of insane teamwork that we, often, transpose in many aspects of our society and in our entire world.

It’s difficult to find an environment that lives by sane principles of teamwork. So if you haven’t yet found one, try to transform yours, build one new or look for one.

As for the world, if we build teams made of trusted people that trust each other we will create a sane world that lives accordingly to sane principles of teamwork.