Lyfestile, Positive Post, Relationship

The miraculous Goodwill

Life can be challenging sometimes but:

  • I think you shouldn’t give up
  • You should look deep inside yourself.
  • Get what you have found and use it to decide your own direction
  • Be brave
  • Be patient
  • Be kind
  • Have goodwill

And in the end, you will accomplish your most profound dreams.

Life is not about how rich, powerful or admired you are: the purpose of life is being able to love each being on the planet and beyond.

Lyfestile, Positive Post

Life purpose

Living purposelessly can be pretty challenging but it has to do sometimes.

Because our volubility doesn’t let us keep the same position in the mood spectrum.

So, it happens to be in the mood of purposelessness. And it could last.

This is because our purpose depends upon our attitude. But can it have a more deep foundation?

What if our purpose relies on practical evidence we have given to ourselves?

How can we build such evidence?

Everything starts from the bottom, we should, in the beginning, root ourselves in a clear vision of ourselves.

If you don’t know who you are you never can obtain the clarity of mind to have the subsequent steps.

We should listen inside, deep ourselves no matter how much pain we feel or how much scary it is.

After you have faced the long trip that leads you to the awareness of yourself, you can begin to build a strong understanding of yourself that put you in the place to discover the real purpose of your life.

At least, I suppose.

Lyfestile, Positive Post, Relationship

What could make me a happy and successful person?

What makes me happy is building mindful and deep relationships. So, even though having money to pay your bills is, however, important, I think having a job that lets me do this is equally important.

I think success is even an important part of our life but I think that success is not what people usually think success is.

Success is not money or fame. Success is to have a meaningful life. If you earn money in spite of the community or people and exploit them and you aren’t contributing in any way to improve society then, you can have all the money and fame in this world, but you aren’t a successful person at all. And surely, you aren’t conducting a meaningful life. Instead, your life is pretty miserable, because it is without a real and edifying purpose.

So, for instance, the ability to succeed lies in the ability to build strong and deep connections and relationships. And this leads me to have a purpose.

You could think that building these types of connections is very difficult, or even impossible. But there is another ingredient that makes it possible for me, and it is to find my vocation and pursue it. If I pursue my vocation I’m able to feel the self-esteem that lets me love others.

But I haven’t had clear my vocation all time and since the beginning. Discovering one own vocation is a process. Many times, we don’t have clear what we are called for and we discover it in the process. And it can change over time as long as we become more aware of ourselves and the world surrounding us.

In conclusion: I have three ingredients for my own happiness: relationships, purpose, and vocation. And I think that for many are the same.