Lyfestile, Positive Post

The real success

Do you think that a rich person is inevitably successful?

You can be the richest person on the planet but if:

– you don’t have time for your passions
– nobody cares or loves you
– you’re surrounded by people only for sake of selfish interests
– you are rude to your subordinates
– you’re strong with the weak ones
– you’re weak with the strong ones
– you do a job you hate
– you cheat and steal
– you care about your image above everything

I think is much more worthwhile when:

– you have time to do things you love
– someone loves and cares about you
– you could have fewer friends but the important ones
– you are kind and patient with people even if you’re in power
– you stand against injustices
– maybe you don’t earn a lot of money but you have what you need and do a job you love
– you’re an honest person
– you are on a path of personal growth and care only for things that really matter