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My goals and how I achieved them

Mine is the life of a privileged person because I have and have had a family that has always supported/corrected me when there was a need. In addition, my mom always made me study what I loved, and now I do a job that I love with a salary not bad. By the way, without false modesty, I have become a wise and balanced person, who respects others and does not look down on anyone.
But there are traps that I fell into and had to get out of to do all this.
Because the goals achieved are important but they would be nothing if I had not always had the ability to improve myself.
In fact, if I had not improved myself every day I could never have come to be the balanced and principled man I am now, since I left that I was just a crap man.
No matter where you start if you improve every moment, even slightly, sooner or later you will become a better person. That all that is required of a man (or woman) of value is that he knows how to love his neighbour. And I learned to do that. And every day I improve.


Some of my virtues

I’m not flawless. Sometimes, I have been selfish, for example. But I have one important virtue: I look for higher purposes and I want my life to be led by them. One of them is improving the world by building meaningful and deep connections and relationships.

But why do I want to improve the world? Because I care about people in general, and this is another of my virtue too.

Building deep relationships can be difficult, I wrote a lot about this topic here. But imagine a world where everyone tries to build sincere and honest relationships. It could solve a lot of problems. Unfortunately, there is always the bad will. This makes this kind of relationship even harder to build. But this could be healing stuff for people that need it.

But I want to think positively, and even with the hardest people I would try to build them. Naturally, with adequate prioritization. After all, I want healing relationships even with myself. This means that I have to care about my wellness too. Mine and every person that helped me.