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A bit of my history sprouting from some questions

Why is work so hard? Why is it so difficult to enter the world of work? And relocate when you get fired? Is it like this only in Italy, or is it a global trend? Perhaps in some countries, it is felt more or less than in others.

In any case, the road to work and professional success is among the most difficult. At least for those who don’t have the road paved. We need to acquire fundamental skills that are helpful and can be spent in the world of work. And although the studies give the foundations, it is necessary to practice to acquire them. It was like this: when I was an entry-level, I worked as an internal for a long time. At first, I was always wrong, I didn’t understand any, and I was more of a burden than an asset. If I think about all the harmful code I’ve done, I was fortunate to find someone who gave me this opportunity. By the way, I did the internship late in life, so I had to hear from many people that I was a failure. But I didn’t get knocked down. A bit of unconsciousness, though. However, I pursued my career as a software engineer because that’s what I want to do.

Then I found my first employment contract. Only the pay was low, and the frustration was high. I didn’t have many opportunities to apply my ideas, and there was a lot to learn.

But the desire to learn has never left me, and neither has the desire to challenge myself.

Now I’ve landed on TicketSms, where my desire to learn and get involved is genuinely valued and appreciated, even from an economic point of view.

After so many years, I can consider myself fully satisfied. Because for me, work is an important thing. It is a fundamental part of my life since it is based on my passion: technology and personal relationships.

With this, I don’t mean that I spend my life working. There is also room for other things besides work in one’s life. But having a good job carried out with passion is a lucky one (which I have also conquered) that not everyone has. And I have to be thankful for that.

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Please, trust someone.

I know that is a best practice not to trust only words but to base our trust upon others’ actions.

It seems easy in words. However, when we try to apply this simple principle we found ourselves overwhelmed by nasty thoughts about how, when, and why to treat people.

So our fire door to escape from becomes our unextinguishable sense of selfishness ending up not trusting anybody ever.

But how can we succeed to have nurturing relationships with others without being exploited?

This is a mystery. What I know is that if you don’t trust anyone your life is highly miserable.

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How I cure Existential Life Instability

I would talk about something more concrete today, but what? I believed true things that now appear smoky. What is true? What is false? The world is so ambiguous this night. I have tried to make up order in this chaos but I haven’t succeeded. I live in existential instability. And I have to work out it! I have tasks to accomplish, people to care for, my life to maintain, and a world to improve. However, I have reached many objectives that made my life liveable. But I am ready to jump from tangent to tangent. Because I own nothing, only my soul. And it’s my soul the only thing I have to care about. But how do I conciliate this fact with the fact I have to sort out my life? Simply, the important is that I live with love and compassion for others but for myself too. For this reason, I have to set boundaries sometimes. I care for my own life as much as I care for the life of others. As Jesus said: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, that’s all.

So curing life’s existential instability with love and compassion is the recipe, for a better and more prosperous world. Every relationship and every situation will work out with these two ingredients, even though the path is not linear. But where we’ll come at the end? Nobody knows the answer. I go only for the pleasure of going. And during this going, I try always to do my best. And this makes me a man of knowledge. This makes me an impeccable man.

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At Our own pace

Who am I to force others to open their eyes? Or maybe better to force them to see as I see? Let life take its course in everyday existence. Everyone will open their eyes at the correct time. I will tell my opinion only if required or if strictly needed. But I will let people flow freely in the course of their own thoughts with less possible interference from me. No force, only freedom, life will provide walls to hit on, at the same time, rockets to go to the moon.

At the same time, I will provide the same to myself. I will let my thoughts flow freely without forcing them in no way.

Let’s respect everyone’s pace and the world will be a better place.

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Good behavior and interest

I always note people that claim that their good behavior leads to financial or gain some kind of interest. So I figure out that such kinds of people will behave badly if it meets their interests. They aren’t genuinely good. I think that a lastly and long good behavior is assured only by people that are sincerely and purely good in their heart. I, personally, trust such kinds of people. But I don’t trust the former.

On the other side, there are people that behave badly because “life hurts”. They are good inside but they have learned to be bad because it’s not easy to keep good behavior when we are surrounded by bad behaviourers. In fact, we can learn to be bad or good, it depends on many elements.

I think that a work environment rich with good and motivated people enriches you and makes you happy. For this reason, I love employers that inspire the employees in such a way. They build a company not only for earning purposes but a company that makes a difference. A company to be proud of.

Are you happy if you have a lot of money and make others’ lives miserable? I think not.



It’s night, deep night. My thoughts are clear but … I would solve every problem, I don’t like thinking there are people that suffer. But I’m not God.

I have my problems and I’m so busy with these. However I hope everyone will find¬†energy and power to solve their own problems.

Life is good and I like thinking everyone can succeed to overcome it. But it isn’t. Some people can’t resolve their own problems .. I’m so lucky but I deserve it because I’ve fought to build my life.

I’ve used to do sacrifice in order to be a better and equipped person. I study English, I got graduated and everyday I use to perfection ¬†what I just know.

Life is good but we have to build it. Building life needs time and will.

I’m so happy because I’ve built something.

I’m a civil and educated person equipped to face my life.