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The importance of true leaders/L’importanza dei veri leader

I allow myself to point out one thing: in my opinion, the real leaders are not the people who drag you through their charisma, I have seen several of them but in the end, they were slaves of their self-reflection, and led all their followers, slaves of their charisma, towards an equally miserable destiny, all slaves of their own image.

The true leader is the one who leads you on the path of freedom and self-discovery, through a good example, it is above all because he is the first to be a free person who has discovered himself.

This latter category of people may or may not have charisma, but that doesn’t mean he is a real leader.

Many people believe that leaders should drag others towards different objectives. But leaders, leading towards freedom and self-discovery, help to transform society and companies into a more inclusive, beautiful-based, meaningful and fulfilling environment. And, above all, True leaders create other leaders.

Italian Version/Versione Italiana:

Mi permetto di sottolineare una cosa: secondo me i veri leader non sono le persone che ti trascinano per carisma, ne ho visti diversi ma alla fine erano schiavi del riflesso di see stessi, e guidavano tutti i loro seguaci, schiavi del loro carisma, verso un altrettanto miserabile destino, tutti schiavi della propria immagine.

Il vero leader è colui che ti guida sulla strada della libertà e della scoperta di sé, attraverso il buon esempio, è soprattutto perché è il primo ad essere una persona libera e che ha scoperto se stesso.

Quest’ultima categoria di persone può avere o meno carisma, ma ciò non significa che sia invariabilmente un leader.

Molte persone credono che i leader dovrebbero trascinare gli altri verso obiettivi diversi. Ma i leader, guidando verso la libertà e la scoperta di sé, aiutano a trasformare la società e le aziende in un ambiente più inclusivo, bello, significativo e appagante E sopratutto i veri leader, creano altri leader.

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Good behavior and interest

I always note people that claim that their good behavior leads to financial or gain some kind of interest. So I figure out that such kinds of people will behave badly if it meets their interests. They aren’t genuinely good. I think that a lastly and long good behavior is assured only by people that are sincerely and purely good in their heart. I, personally, trust such kinds of people. But I don’t trust the former.

On the other side, there are people that behave badly because “life hurts”. They are good inside but they have learned to be bad because it’s not easy to keep good behavior when we are surrounded by bad behaviourers. In fact, we can learn to be bad or good, it depends on many elements.

I think that a work environment rich with good and motivated people enriches you and makes you happy. For this reason, I love employers that inspire the employees in such a way. They build a company not only for earning purposes but a company that makes a difference. A company to be proud of.

Are you happy if you have a lot of money and make others’ lives miserable? I think not.