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A bit of my history sprouting from some questions

Why is work so hard? Why is it so difficult to enter the world of work? And relocate when you get fired? Is it like this only in Italy, or is it a global trend? Perhaps in some countries, it is felt more or less than in others.

In any case, the road to work and professional success is among the most difficult. At least for those who don’t have the road paved. We need to acquire fundamental skills that are helpful and can be spent in the world of work. And although the studies give the foundations, it is necessary to practice to acquire them. It was like this: when I was an entry-level, I worked as an internal for a long time. At first, I was always wrong, I didn’t understand any, and I was more of a burden than an asset. If I think about all the harmful code I’ve done, I was fortunate to find someone who gave me this opportunity. By the way, I did the internship late in life, so I had to hear from many people that I was a failure. But I didn’t get knocked down. A bit of unconsciousness, though. However, I pursued my career as a software engineer because that’s what I want to do.

Then I found my first employment contract. Only the pay was low, and the frustration was high. I didn’t have many opportunities to apply my ideas, and there was a lot to learn.

But the desire to learn has never left me, and neither has the desire to challenge myself.

Now I’ve landed on TicketSms, where my desire to learn and get involved is genuinely valued and appreciated, even from an economic point of view.

After so many years, I can consider myself fully satisfied. Because for me, work is an important thing. It is a fundamental part of my life since it is based on my passion: technology and personal relationships.

With this, I don’t mean that I spend my life working. There is also room for other things besides work in one’s life. But having a good job carried out with passion is a lucky one (which I have also conquered) that not everyone has. And I have to be thankful for that.

Lyfestile, Personal Post, Positive Post

My goals and how I achieved them

Mine is the life of a privileged person because I have and have had a family that has always supported/corrected me when there was a need. In addition, my mom always made me study what I loved, and now I do a job that I love with a salary not bad. By the way, without false modesty, I have become a wise and balanced person, who respects others and does not look down on anyone.
But there are traps that I fell into and had to get out of to do all this.
Because the goals achieved are important but they would be nothing if I had not always had the ability to improve myself.
In fact, if I had not improved myself every day I could never have come to be the balanced and principled man I am now, since I left that I was just a crap man.
No matter where you start if you improve every moment, even slightly, sooner or later you will become a better person. That all that is required of a man (or woman) of value is that he knows how to love his neighbour. And I learned to do that. And every day I improve.