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Successes and humility

When you begin to gain success, you begin to see yourself as a winner. And if it continues it could lead to seeing you as perfect. Even superior to other people. So you become addicted to success. In the end, you begin to see every your action as a success even the failures. But recognizing failures is an important part of our personal development. Without failures and only, supposed, successes you become an ego-addicted person with no compassion nor humility. This could lead you to craziness. It could seem obvious but many successful people fall into this trap. Even me. The big mistake one can do is think that everything you do is right without exception.

But it’s important to be humble, and remember that every person needs to care, and what we need is not “always right” people but people that honestly and humbly care for each other. Besides, remember, even the last person in the world has something to teach you.