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Letter to a friend

Nothing matters without love. Now, I know how much value this assertion has! I’m sorry for your friend and the sorrow you’re going through. But I’m not able to stop this process, and your suffering has taught me that love is above everything. So, thank you, my friend.

Tomorrow I will wait for you to call me and I will be available for you. I wrote you a message, but as usual, I don’t know if you’re going to read it. I will try to call you at home.

I know that being refused causes a lot of pain and you had the bravery to expose yourself to it. You will be rewarded for this. I know.

A God exists, and it puts trials in front of us. They are difficult trials, but I know you will overcome them. So you’ll be full of Joy.

In God we trust.

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Sometimes, reading some posts on social networks I have the impression that the world described was too ethereal and had nothing physical.

But I have the same impression looking back on my past life. It seems like a dream.

But life is made of sacrifice, pain and sorrow. But not for me, I was born into a well-suited family, even though my parents are divorced. But my entire family has always cared for me and kept me up in difficult moments. And this made my life easier.

However, I have had difficult moments with my mental wellness. Without my family, I couldn’t have overcome my problems but even without my consistency.

I have kept the line and always looked for improvement. I have always tried to explore the infinity inside and outside me.

I have to tell thank you to all the people I have met and, someone, who stay in my life, every one of them left in my life important signs.

I have to be grateful for what I feel is God. I don’t have a clear image of it. It is a sort of energy that let me be led by it. It provided big changes in my way. And I feel it protects me.

Last but not least, there is a woman that has raised big challenges and led me on a precise path. She has been the only woman I have felt in love with. Nowadays maybe she even doesn’t remember me or maybe she is still scared of me. But the remembering of the moments I spent with her still provokes many feelings in me. Ciao Adele.

But above all, I have to be grateful for my attitude to fight against my flaws which comes exactly from a choice: the choice to not let me and all the people I love die.

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The Root of the Universe

I have often wondered if life has a purpose if we are alone. What is the meaning of everything? Are our struggles meaningless?

But now what I think is that we’re not alone, and the followings are the conclusions I have come to:

I believe something superior that leads our destinies exists. It’s not God as it is usually thought. It’s pure energy. And we are invited to join this energy. But why we aren’t just joined with it by default? Why are we separated? Because in order to bind that energy we need to make a choice. That choice, if done, involves us in a journey that can span all eternity. Because that trip has no end.

So from a teleological point of view, my existence has a purpose. That is to reunite, every day more, with the master energy, the source of our universe that we could call God, and help other people, who have chosen in such a way, to do the same.

I can’t be exhaustive on this topic. Because no explanation could fill the gap between our ability to think about God and the experience of being going toward God itself.

When a being chooses to reunite with God they are involved in a no-end journey. At this time I wonder, what about the others? What is the end of the People that don’t choose to rejoin God? Many religion says they will go to hell or perish, but I don’t think so.

Every being practices compassion, love, fraternity and fight for justice. Every person that cares about others in some way will be saved. Because in the end, those who choose love choose to reunite themselves with the pure Energy that is the root of all universes.

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For the sake of Love

I’m able to switch between different points of view. This makes me a smart man. But in order to be wise, I need to use this capacity for noble purposes.

Wise people would build greatness not only about themselves but even about the world where they live.

They look at the general picture. They don’t care only about themselves but they are really able to stay in the shoes of others and make decisions in such a way properly.

Those who care only about their selfish interests are neither wise nor deserve a good life. These people are doomed to a miserable life at least until they don’t change their attitude toward life and the world in general.

Because a life without feeling love is always a miserable life, even though you are the richest man in the world.

But is this affirmation true? How can we know I’m saying the truth. Of course, this is only a point of view.

But as my personal preference, I prefer people led by love rather than interests. And love has no limit nor boundaries.

Exploring our relationship with love is the most interesting task ever. I love people, and as one of my preferred novels said (the Gospel): “love your enemies”, so I try to love even them.

As always Jesus Christ said: “love is the unique commandment”. And if you love you are even willing to help others and sometimes, if the situation requires it, able to sacrifice yourself.

But what if we don’t feel the love?

In this case, always the Gospel says that God will change our hearts, and It will donate us a new one. So it’s a path of transformation. We have to give up everything for the rule of love, and we will be led into a path of transformation that lasts all eternity because learning to love has no end.

We should choose if we want to engage on a path of transformation towards love only for sake of love or perish on a path of hate, envy and other bad feelings.

Love is freedom, so the only commandment we have is to follow our natural attitude which is to improve for the sake of love.

And at the last, but not least love opens the doors of paradise, here on earth. Even if you don’t receive material benefits from love, you will receive something more important: the sacred spirit. And being in the heart of our creator is the best gift we could ever receive.

Just love, that’s enough. But always ask yourself if your love is real love or a stupid, arrogant thought to deserve paradise even when we are the most miserable people in the world.