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What if building meaningful relationships is not possible or not useful?

Sometimes we feel as if our relationships aren’t fulfilling. So in this case what we can base our life on? Many people refuge in God, money, career, power, a sense of superiority, or unkindness. But I think, think these “things” aren’t the answer. I think the answer is to try another way to build our relationship because dissatisfaction is a sign that we are doing something wrong. We shouldn’t give up, there is always another way to accomplish the same goal. And another important thing is that we should care about one of the more important relationships we have, such as ourselves.

So, try harder or let it go, it depends, but do not give up. Because better relationships are what we need, it’s what the world needs.

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Sometimes is harsh necessary?

I think that to be sweet is a very good option. Being patient and kind is a great skill that we should acquire. But sometimes reality is harsh. And we should communicate this harsh part of reality too. We don’t live in a perfect world, where everyone is honest, kind, or altruist. Besides people often refuge in a utopic, ego-centric world and they consider themselves too important.

If you care about someone, you need to shake this aspect of reality or human behavior sometimes. If you make people think that they are too important or that everything will work fine even though wrong behavior, you aren’t caring about that person anymore.

We need to speak the truth sometimes and this truth is often, inevitably, expressed brutally. It’s very difficult not getting things personally when you are communicating the truth, (or at the least, “your truth”) to other people. Often conflicts arise. But these conflicts are necessary for us and other people to grow.

I think a great objective I can put in my life at the moment is to be assertive avoiding as much as possible being brutal. And above all, I shouldn’t get things personally and always remember I could be wrong. In this way, I can improve myself and the people I’m connected with.

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Successes and humility

When you begin to gain success, you begin to see yourself as a winner. And if it continues it could lead to seeing you as perfect. Even superior to other people. So you become addicted to success. In the end, you begin to see every your action as a success even the failures. But recognizing failures is an important part of our personal development. Without failures and only, supposed, successes you become an ego-addicted person with no compassion nor humility. This could lead you to craziness. It could seem obvious but many successful people fall into this trap. Even me. The big mistake one can do is think that everything you do is right without exception.

But it’s important to be humble, and remember that every person needs to care, and what we need is not “always right” people but people that honestly and humbly care for each other. Besides, remember, even the last person in the world has something to teach you.