Positive Post

It’s time to win

It’s time to win.

I lost for too much time.

It’s time of inner peace.

I have to stop with low mood or depression.

It’s time for good time.

If someone envies me that’s a his problem, not mine.

It’s time to feel good.

I want to feel confident about myself without to be fanatical.

Life is good, it’s full of problems but they can be overcome, with patience, needed time and will.

I don’t know if god exists but I want to feel confident about myself and breathe good new life air.

I will overcome problems and if I don’t succeed I won’t give up. There is a place for me in this life and if it’s not I will get it the same.

I have right to exist and live my life in better way possible.

I want to respect other ones but others have to respect me.

Negative Post, Personal Post

To Feel Better

Is It too late? Can I do accomplish the goal to meet my expectations?

I don’t know, I feel so old …

I think there isn’t any possibility for me …. just dead.

I wait to dead or not?

Can I?

But .. why. Why Do I feel so bad, so negative.

I made a lot of mistakes but is it time to go forward now?

I have to leave my past and go forward toward my future but it is so difficult.

It’s difficult leave what you’ve been for so long time.

I would be a better person but I feel so bad toward myself, toward others.

I have a dream: to feel better.