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The Battle Against The Self-reflection

In our society, specific values predominate, such as wealth, beauty and, superior attitude, social status. All of these values have one thing in common. They are all values that make us feel superior. So we struggle to achieve these goals because, ultimately, we want to be superior to others.

But why do we need to feel superior to others? This is connected to the image that we have of ourselves and that we want others to have of us.

We want to have an image of ourselves that satisfies us. Also, How many times have we found ourselves feeling a blind fury because someone dared to break the mirror that we find ourselves inside? How many times are we sad or, even worse, depressed when we think that our reflection is irreparably compromised? How often are we threatened because we perceive that others think something about us that we don’t like?

So what to do? I think what to do is a personal choice. Because the battle against the reflection of oneself is a battle with no holds barred. And everyone must be free to face it as they see fit. Sometimes you have to give him rope because the image of himself is so strong that sometimes we have to force him to win.

However, I believe that with a bit of back and forth, gaining more and more awareness and gaining experience, this is a battle that can be won. But why should we win it? Why don’t we just care and stay at the mercy of our reflection and what others think?

Simple, because you live badly. Prisoners in a cage that we have built ourselves. Therefore if a man wants to be free and experience true freedom, and not the illusory one which consists in thinking he is superior, he must get rid of the self-reflection.

Furthermore, if we count all the evil things that man does and has done in the name of vanity, we will understand that there is also a social reason.

And when a man gets rid of this reflection, he will see who he really is. And once he knows who he really is, he will never be able to go back. Luckily, I might add…