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How I cure Existential Life Instability

I would talk about something more concrete today, but what? I believed true things that now appear smoky. What is true? What is false? The world is so ambiguous this night. I have tried to make up order in this chaos but I haven’t succeeded. I live in existential instability. And I have to work out it! I have tasks to accomplish, people to care for, my life to maintain, and a world to improve. However, I have reached many objectives that made my life liveable. But I am ready to jump from tangent to tangent. Because I own nothing, only my soul. And it’s my soul the only thing I have to care about. But how do I conciliate this fact with the fact I have to sort out my life? Simply, the important is that I live with love and compassion for others but for myself too. For this reason, I have to set boundaries sometimes. I care for my own life as much as I care for the life of others. As Jesus said: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, that’s all.

So curing life’s existential instability with love and compassion is the recipe, for a better and more prosperous world. Every relationship and every situation will work out with these two ingredients, even though the path is not linear. But where we’ll come at the end? Nobody knows the answer. I go only for the pleasure of going. And during this going, I try always to do my best. And this makes me a man of knowledge. This makes me an impeccable man.