Lyfestile, Negative Post, Positive Post

Evil and Good

Are evil and good sides to the same coin?

Should they coexist in us so we can be complete?

I know our actions often cannot be purely bad or good and have ambivalent side effects.

We cannot avoid hurting someone even when we act with our best intention.

And, you can like or not like it; when someone puts in action a horrible thing, some good people could take advantage of it.

Negative Post, Personal Post

To Feel Better

Is It too late? Can I do accomplish the goal to meet my expectations?

I don’t know, I feel so old …

I think there isn’t any possibility for me …. just dead.

I wait to dead or not?

Can I?

But .. why. Why Do I feel so bad, so negative.

I made a lot of mistakes but is it time to go forward now?

I have to leave my past and go forward toward my future but it is so difficult.

It’s difficult leave what you’ve been for so long time.

I would be a better person but I feel so bad toward myself, toward others.

I have a dream: to feel better.