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The meaningless crisis

I’m going through a period where everything seems meaningless. What can we hold on to when life has no meaning? Many people find meaning in family, society, religion, science, and everything that can satisfy them personally. But personal and historical facts force me to think life has no meaning. And even though I have everything I need, this is a harsh personal situation.

Even the idea of God that in the past seemed to give me so much relief now seems like God, or it doesn’t exist or doesn’t care. Too many wrong things in the history of humanity have happened and are happening today. Neither the word of Jesus Christ, about unconditional love, which I strongly believed in the past, now seem so fake to me.

The personal relationships with people and beloved ones where I thought I could find meaning feel empty, fake and moved by interests.

How can I survive this period of meaningless crisis? I think I have no solution. Just survive for the sake of living. By my side, I will try to build meaningful connections and be authentic. This is all I can and want to do. Even though this means building anything at all.


Thought’s about contemporary world

Recently I have heard people debate about suicide of young people, here in Italy. There are many different opinions: those blaming society and those the victims.

I think that the correct answer resides in between the two opposites. Today society is too consumer oriented, too valueless.

People don’t find in it reasons to hope that it could improve. But is it true?

I think our society is migrating from the old to the new, making victims. But this has happened, accordingly to history, to every society big change. Besides there are things like ties between Occidental society and the rest of the world that complicate further the things. So more than blaming society I would blame history but history is not blamable.

On the other side, a singular person of today world has their own responsibilities. And even them sprout from ancient historical reasons.

So we shouldn’t look for someone to blame, but we should look for a set of solutions. That we can only implement this if we work together in trust. And these solutions start from the free dialogue capacity we should have. But we are in a moment in history where if people can’t speak freely to each other, they won’t find any solutions.

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The three states

What’s happiness?

As my mom told me, happiness is not uninterrupted, but it expresses itself occasionally and for short times.

But what am I when I’m not happy?

The only two states that come to my mind now are:


– serene

Both have their own purpose.

– When I’m troubled, I always look for something and enter a creative/study zone.

– When I’m serene, I’m prone to rest and have a peaceful and transparent contemplation of the universe.

But what is the purpose of being happy?

When I’m happy, I have an explosion of trust, hope and faith. And everything I listen to, watch or read has a deep meaning. It is like I live in a universe tailored to me. And everything I do is a step toward the perfection of the universe.

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Let Hurtful Thoughts Arise

There is new trend in society and between the gurus of personal growing.

They assert that in order to have a fulfilled life we should have about only positive thoughts.

I don’t think so.

I could be sound unpopular but to have a fulfilled life to have to face all aspects of your life.

And inevitably among these aspects there are hurtful thoughts.

And we need to face them, and when some new of it arises, it a good sign because it means we’re aware of your actual situation.

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Original me

Clearly, it’s not enough having the desire to share opinions and ideas in this world.

You need to be more effective but how?

I know only a way: being truer possible.

But my reality is not aligned with the environment.

So I ask why. Am I crazy? Am I a misfit? Maybe. But I have original ideas that come from my own inside. They are seeds of my own way of thinking, my actual being.

And even if no one likes them, they are genuinely conceived.

I’m the original me; that’s enough. Other, I don’t wanna know.


Truth does not exist

Truth does not exist.

What we have in mind is a partial vision of our limited experience.

If you think to own the truth, you’re wrong.

And you’ll stay forever if you wait to be 100% sure before acting.

So accept that uncertainty is part of life and get your chances.

This doesn’t mean our experience is worthless but don’t be so arrogant as to think it’s the only thing that matters.

Leave space for doubts too.

Knowing our knowledge has fallacies is not a weakness; it means being wise.

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Evil and Good

Are evil and good sides to the same coin?

Should they coexist in us so we can be complete?

I know our actions often cannot be purely bad or good and have ambivalent side effects.

We cannot avoid hurting someone even when we act with our best intention.

And, you can like or not like it; when someone puts in action a horrible thing, some good people could take advantage of it.

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Golden rules

Admiring a person only because they are famous is mental.
Respecting a person only because they say morally correct sentences is naive.
Following a person only because they are rich is for pimps.


Admire people that love without consideration.
Please be sure to respect people whose acts are coherent with moral evaluations.
Follow people that inspire you to grow as a better person.