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How I cure Existential Life Instability

I would talk about something more concrete today, but what? I believed true things that now appear smoky. What is true? What is false? The world is so ambiguous this night. I have tried to make up order in this chaos but I haven’t succeeded. I live in existential instability. And I have to work out it! I have tasks to accomplish, people to care for, my life to maintain, and a world to improve. However, I have reached many objectives that made my life liveable. But I am ready to jump from tangent to tangent. Because I own nothing, only my soul. And it’s my soul the only thing I have to care about. But how do I conciliate this fact with the fact I have to sort out my life? Simply, the important is that I live with love and compassion for others but for myself too. For this reason, I have to set boundaries sometimes. I care for my own life as much as I care for the life of others. As Jesus said: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, that’s all.

So curing life’s existential instability with love and compassion is the recipe, for a better and more prosperous world. Every relationship and every situation will work out with these two ingredients, even though the path is not linear. But where we’ll come at the end? Nobody knows the answer. I go only for the pleasure of going. And during this going, I try always to do my best. And this makes me a man of knowledge. This makes me an impeccable man.

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Humbleness, altruism, trust, sincerity, getting the void as an occasion to grow, learn, spread positive thoughts of empathy, avoiding judgements, creating communion, building sane boundaries, respecting others’ boundaries, avoiding exploiting weaknesses, not letting be exploited, friendliness, informality, respecting seniority, supporting juniors, if needed: taking on others’ responsibilities, love.

These are some aspects of sane teamwork that we can transpose in every aspect of our society and, going up further, of our world. If we live accordingly to these principles we have better teams, companies, societies and nations.

But people insist to bring to the team selfishness, arrogance, lies, divisive thoughts of unempathy, untrust, flattering seniors, bossing juniors, avoiding putting ourselves in others’ shoes, exploiting weaknesses, inability to build sane boundaries, breaking others’ boundaries, fearing the void and not getting it as an occasion to grow, too much formality, obsession for hierarchies, hate.

These are aspects of insane teamwork that we, often, transpose in many aspects of our society and in our entire world.

It’s difficult to find an environment that lives by sane principles of teamwork. So if you haven’t yet found one, try to transform yours, build one new or look for one.

As for the world, if we build teams made of trusted people that trust each other we will create a sane world that lives accordingly to sane principles of teamwork.

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Letter to a friend

Nothing matters without love. Now, I know how much value this assertion has! I’m sorry for your friend and the sorrow you’re going through. But I’m not able to stop this process, and your suffering has taught me that love is above everything. So, thank you, my friend.

Tomorrow I will wait for you to call me and I will be available for you. I wrote you a message, but as usual, I don’t know if you’re going to read it. I will try to call you at home.

I know that being refused causes a lot of pain and you had the bravery to expose yourself to it. You will be rewarded for this. I know.

A God exists, and it puts trials in front of us. They are difficult trials, but I know you will overcome them. So you’ll be full of Joy.

In God we trust.

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The Spirit

Many times, I tried to develop ideas in order to accomplish some kind of task, but I failed. Many times, I have followed my own inner feeling and I have built a lot of remarkable things.

Because no matter how much you desire a thing or what you’re prepared for if the spirit is not part of the process, you’re working on the void and even though formally it appears that you’re reaching great goals, you’re actually wasting your and others’ time.

Time is precious and if you don’t spice up it with your inner spirit, it will be lost in the flow of universe and space-time. But if you discover inside yourself your inner voice and act accordingly at it your flowing in the universe will have much more meaning, you will be a better person, you will be more prone to help those who need and you will be more yourself and assertive.

But what’s the spirit? What’s your inner voice? It’s very difficult to answer this question. We could say that spirit always changes but at the same time it remains the same. We could say that it lets us love ourselves more and love others more.

“We have no power but the power to change the world”

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At Our own pace

Who am I to force others to open their eyes? Or maybe better to force them to see as I see? Let life take its course in everyday existence. Everyone will open their eyes at the correct time. I will tell my opinion only if required or if strictly needed. But I will let people flow freely in the course of their own thoughts with less possible interference from me. No force, only freedom, life will provide walls to hit on, at the same time, rockets to go to the moon.

At the same time, I will provide the same to myself. I will let my thoughts flow freely without forcing them in no way.

Let’s respect everyone’s pace and the world will be a better place.

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A way to acquire the skill of love

Love is a skill. In order to be able to love others, you need to acquire it through a journey of transformation to rebuild a new heart (or to recover the real one). But how can we face this journey?

Simple, being ourselves. It could seem easy but it won’t. Revealing ourselves for what we are and not hiding it because of fear is one of the most difficult tasks, you could have ever faced.

For many reasons, first of all, the real consequences this revealing could have. Exposing ourselves can lead us to bad judgements by others for example. Or it could damage our reputation. And many other issues.

So, how can we face this exposition? This could be the tricky one, I call it to follow the spirit, it will lead you.

But if you don’t know what the spirit is, you never can follow it, maybe. Spirit is a path of easiness, integrity, judgment-less, and the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others.

Following the spirit can lead us to many difficult situations, but with help of the spirit, we can manage them easily. Piece of cake.

In this way, we can conquer the integrity of ourselves that is the fact that we are made of love. Love is our real nature. And it helps you a lot in life because love is in harmony with everything.

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For the sake of Love

I’m able to switch between different points of view. This makes me a smart man. But in order to be wise, I need to use this capacity for noble purposes.

Wise people would build greatness not only about themselves but even about the world where they live.

They look at the general picture. They don’t care only about themselves but they are really able to stay in the shoes of others and make decisions in such a way properly.

Those who care only about their selfish interests are neither wise nor deserve a good life. These people are doomed to a miserable life at least until they don’t change their attitude toward life and the world in general.

Because a life without feeling love is always a miserable life, even though you are the richest man in the world.

But is this affirmation true? How can we know I’m saying the truth. Of course, this is only a point of view.

But as my personal preference, I prefer people led by love rather than interests. And love has no limit nor boundaries.

Exploring our relationship with love is the most interesting task ever. I love people, and as one of my preferred novels said (the Gospel): “love your enemies”, so I try to love even them.

As always Jesus Christ said: “love is the unique commandment”. And if you love you are even willing to help others and sometimes, if the situation requires it, able to sacrifice yourself.

But what if we don’t feel the love?

In this case, always the Gospel says that God will change our hearts, and It will donate us a new one. So it’s a path of transformation. We have to give up everything for the rule of love, and we will be led into a path of transformation that lasts all eternity because learning to love has no end.

We should choose if we want to engage on a path of transformation towards love only for sake of love or perish on a path of hate, envy and other bad feelings.

Love is freedom, so the only commandment we have is to follow our natural attitude which is to improve for the sake of love.

And at the last, but not least love opens the doors of paradise, here on earth. Even if you don’t receive material benefits from love, you will receive something more important: the sacred spirit. And being in the heart of our creator is the best gift we could ever receive.

Just love, that’s enough. But always ask yourself if your love is real love or a stupid, arrogant thought to deserve paradise even when we are the most miserable people in the world.

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Being with our feet on the ground

I have always dreamed about meaningful relationships but now know those relationships are nothing without boundaries.

When you set up a deep connection with someone, if boundaries are not set up correctly, the just-made relationship will not work out.

Often these boundaries are not willingly respected so it’s our responsibility to keep them up and working.

And as long as you desire your boundaries should be respected so you have to respect others’ boundaries.

This topic is controversial because keeping the correct level of boundaries is often a subjective way of thinking.

So respect and demand respect, there is no other way to acquire deep connections and meaningful relationships.

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What if building meaningful relationships is not possible or not useful?

Sometimes we feel as if our relationships aren’t fulfilling. So in this case what we can base our life on? Many people refuge in God, money, career, power, a sense of superiority, or unkindness. But I think, think these “things” aren’t the answer. I think the answer is to try another way to build our relationship because dissatisfaction is a sign that we are doing something wrong. We shouldn’t give up, there is always another way to accomplish the same goal. And another important thing is that we should care about one of the more important relationships we have, such as ourselves.

So, try harder or let it go, it depends, but do not give up. Because better relationships are what we need, it’s what the world needs.

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Sometimes is harsh necessary?

I think that to be sweet is a very good option. Being patient and kind is a great skill that we should acquire. But sometimes reality is harsh. And we should communicate this harsh part of reality too. We don’t live in a perfect world, where everyone is honest, kind, or altruist. Besides people often refuge in a utopic, ego-centric world and they consider themselves too important.

If you care about someone, you need to shake this aspect of reality or human behavior sometimes. If you make people think that they are too important or that everything will work fine even though wrong behavior, you aren’t caring about that person anymore.

We need to speak the truth sometimes and this truth is often, inevitably, expressed brutally. It’s very difficult not getting things personally when you are communicating the truth, (or at the least, “your truth”) to other people. Often conflicts arise. But these conflicts are necessary for us and other people to grow.

I think a great objective I can put in my life at the moment is to be assertive avoiding as much as possible being brutal. And above all, I shouldn’t get things personally and always remember I could be wrong. In this way, I can improve myself and the people I’m connected with.