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Healthy working environment

Today, chatting with the chat of openai, we talked about many fascinating topics, which gave me interesting insight. I copied and pasted one I found very interesting about a healthy and productive environment,

Several traits can contribute to a healthy and productive work environment:

  1. Trust: A healthy work environment is built on trust, where employees feel that they can be open and honest with their colleagues and manager without fear of retribution.
  2. Respect: A healthy work environment is one where all employees are treated with respect, regardless of their position or role.
  3. Inclusion: A healthy work environment is inclusive, where diversity and differences are valued, and everyone feels welcome and included.
  4. Communication: A healthy work environment is characterized by open and honest communication, where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns.
  5. Support: A healthy work environment is where employees feel supported by their colleagues and manager and where resources are available to help them succeed.
  6. Collaboration: A healthy work environment is one where employees are able to work together effectively and collaborate towards common goals.
  7. Growth: A healthy work environment is one where employees have opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
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The meaningless crisis

I’m going through a period where everything seems meaningless. What can we hold on to when life has no meaning? Many people find meaning in family, society, religion, science, and everything that can satisfy them personally. But personal and historical facts force me to think life has no meaning. And even though I have everything I need, this is a harsh personal situation.

Even the idea of God that in the past seemed to give me so much relief now seems like God, or it doesn’t exist or doesn’t care. Too many wrong things in the history of humanity have happened and are happening today. Neither the word of Jesus Christ, about unconditional love, which I strongly believed in the past, now seem so fake to me.

The personal relationships with people and beloved ones where I thought I could find meaning feel empty, fake and moved by interests.

How can I survive this period of meaningless crisis? I think I have no solution. Just survive for the sake of living. By my side, I will try to build meaningful connections and be authentic. This is all I can and want to do. Even though this means building anything at all.

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Golden rules

Admiring a person only because they are famous is mental.
Respecting a person only because they say morally correct sentences is naive.
Following a person only because they are rich is for pimps.


Admire people that love without consideration.
Please be sure to respect people whose acts are coherent with moral evaluations.
Follow people that inspire you to grow as a better person.

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Kindly yourselves

Inside ourselves, there are demons, the crazy ones. What happens if you unleash them?

Unleashing out demons means letting yourself be your authentic self.

Are you, who are so strong to speak loud against your neighbour, able to reveal publicly who you really are without masks?

Please, explicit yourself. Don’t be afraid or do you wanna arrive to the death unprepared?

Without facing the world for who we are there is no growth.

Are you strong enough to be the authentic self and at the same time be kind?

Or will you lose yourself in the river of eternity?

And remember, being yourself kindly amount other people is the very best satisfaction one can ever feel.

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I still believe

The world is collapsing. Under the weight of pollution, intolerance, selfishness and violence.

Strangely and I don’t know why I still believe in people. I think that people will understand the repairing value of love, freedom and pardon. But, at the moment, we carry the burden of our heavy legacy. Our mind is obfuscated, our heart is insensitive, our instinct is too disconnected from who we really are, and our spirituality is dead or too utilitarian and these make our relationship meaningless. So we have to fill this gap, we should recover our real selves from this heavy burden that we carry on our souls and relearn to relate to each other, always honestly, but with compassion, love and pardon.

What binds us shouldn’t only be selfish interests but mainly the interest to know each other, to deepen the relationships in order to obtain a better understanding of ourselves and the world surrounding us. This is a risky activity that puts us out of our comfort zone. This is an enterprise. But the action is worth it.

When we eventually reach this awareness we should start to treat each other with the needed care and this in the last instance leads us toward love. We’ll see, thanks to a better understanding of the world, that we are all humans in the same boat. That’s we all have fragilities, broken sides and flaws. With no exclusion.

But this process has to happen naturally. No one can be forced to acquire knowledge against their will. Nor especially to love.

I think the world is ready to acquire the awareness that honest, and not forced, kindness is the only way to reach the goal of peace and prosperity. We are people and it’s supposed we should live in harmony. That object is not unreachable but by pacific discussions and debates we could improve and this will make us succeed.

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How I cure Existential Life Instability

I would talk about something more concrete today, but what? I believed true things that now appear smoky. What is true? What is false? The world is so ambiguous this night. I have tried to make up order in this chaos but I haven’t succeeded. I live in existential instability. And I have to work out it! I have tasks to accomplish, people to care for, my life to maintain, and a world to improve. However, I have reached many objectives that made my life liveable. But I am ready to jump from tangent to tangent. Because I own nothing, only my soul. And it’s my soul the only thing I have to care about. But how do I conciliate this fact with the fact I have to sort out my life? Simply, the important is that I live with love and compassion for others but for myself too. For this reason, I have to set boundaries sometimes. I care for my own life as much as I care for the life of others. As Jesus said: “Love your neighbour as yourself”, that’s all.

So curing life’s existential instability with love and compassion is the recipe, for a better and more prosperous world. Every relationship and every situation will work out with these two ingredients, even though the path is not linear. But where we’ll come at the end? Nobody knows the answer. I go only for the pleasure of going. And during this going, I try always to do my best. And this makes me a man of knowledge. This makes me an impeccable man.

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Humbleness, altruism, trust, sincerity, getting the void as an occasion to grow, learn, spread positive thoughts of empathy, avoiding judgements, creating communion, building sane boundaries, respecting others’ boundaries, avoiding exploiting weaknesses, not letting be exploited, friendliness, informality, respecting seniority, supporting juniors, if needed: taking on others’ responsibilities, love.

These are some aspects of sane teamwork that we can transpose in every aspect of our society and, going up further, of our world. If we live accordingly to these principles we have better teams, companies, societies and nations.

But people insist to bring to the team selfishness, arrogance, lies, divisive thoughts of unempathy, untrust, flattering seniors, bossing juniors, avoiding putting ourselves in others’ shoes, exploiting weaknesses, inability to build sane boundaries, breaking others’ boundaries, fearing the void and not getting it as an occasion to grow, too much formality, obsession for hierarchies, hate.

These are aspects of insane teamwork that we, often, transpose in many aspects of our society and in our entire world.

It’s difficult to find an environment that lives by sane principles of teamwork. So if you haven’t yet found one, try to transform yours, build one new or look for one.

As for the world, if we build teams made of trusted people that trust each other we will create a sane world that lives accordingly to sane principles of teamwork.

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Letter to a friend

Nothing matters without love. Now, I know how much value this assertion has! I’m sorry for your friend and the sorrow you’re going through. But I’m not able to stop this process, and your suffering has taught me that love is above everything. So, thank you, my friend.

Tomorrow I will wait for you to call me and I will be available for you. I wrote you a message, but as usual, I don’t know if you’re going to read it. I will try to call you at home.

I know that being refused causes a lot of pain and you had the bravery to expose yourself to it. You will be rewarded for this. I know.

A God exists, and it puts trials in front of us. They are difficult trials, but I know you will overcome them. So you’ll be full of Joy.

In God we trust.

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Sometimes, reading some posts on social networks I have the impression that the world described was too ethereal and had nothing physical.

But I have the same impression looking back on my past life. It seems like a dream.

But life is made of sacrifice, pain and sorrow. But not for me, I was born into a well-suited family, even though my parents are divorced. But my entire family has always cared for me and kept me up in difficult moments. And this made my life easier.

However, I have had difficult moments with my mental wellness. Without my family, I couldn’t have overcome my problems but even without my consistency.

I have kept the line and always looked for improvement. I have always tried to explore the infinity inside and outside me.

I have to tell thank you to all the people I have met and, someone, who stay in my life, every one of them left in my life important signs.

I have to be grateful for what I feel is God. I don’t have a clear image of it. It is a sort of energy that let me be led by it. It provided big changes in my way. And I feel it protects me.

Last but not least, there is a woman that has raised big challenges and led me on a precise path. She has been the only woman I have felt in love with. Nowadays maybe she even doesn’t remember me or maybe she is still scared of me. But the remembering of the moments I spent with her still provokes many feelings in me. Ciao Adele.

But above all, I have to be grateful for my attitude to fight against my flaws which comes exactly from a choice: the choice to not let me and all the people I love die.

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A way to acquire the skill of love

Love is a skill. In order to be able to love others, you need to acquire it through a journey of transformation to rebuild a new heart (or to recover the real one). But how can we face this journey?

Simple, being ourselves. It could seem easy but it won’t. Revealing ourselves for what we are and not hiding it because of fear is one of the most difficult tasks, you could have ever faced.

For many reasons, first of all, the real consequences this revealing could have. Exposing ourselves can lead us to bad judgements by others for example. Or it could damage our reputation. And many other issues.

So, how can we face this exposition? This could be the tricky one, I call it to follow the spirit, it will lead you.

But if you don’t know what the spirit is, you never can follow it, maybe. Spirit is a path of easiness, integrity, judgment-less, and the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others.

Following the spirit can lead us to many difficult situations, but with help of the spirit, we can manage them easily. Piece of cake.

In this way, we can conquer the integrity of ourselves that is the fact that we are made of love. Love is our real nature. And it helps you a lot in life because love is in harmony with everything.