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The importance of the dialogue

Usually, since childhood, we are accustomed to thinking that certain things cannot be said or even thought. To then find ourselves deviated adults precisely because we have suffocated the impulse to dialogue that is typical of the human being.

Dialogue and free manifestations of the spirit must not be repressed but exalted. Education lies in being able to get them out in such a way that they have universal value in the society of which we are a part.
Do not suffocate but integrate. Do not exclude but include.

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Goodwill, again.

Many people claim that what we think about ourselves matters the most. But what matters the most is goodwill towards others, not only friends but even enemies.
This doesn’t mean others’ bad habits must enslave you. But it would be best to care about what matters in their life according to your possibilities. And caring about oneself too.

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The miraculous Goodwill

Life can be challenging sometimes but:

  • I think you shouldn’t give up
  • You should look deep inside yourself.
  • Get what you have found and use it to decide your own direction
  • Be brave
  • Be patient
  • Be kind
  • Have goodwill

And in the end, you will accomplish your most profound dreams.

Life is not about how rich, powerful or admired you are: the purpose of life is being able to love each being on the planet and beyond.

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I know love doesn’t pay your bills or not? A man who knows how to love is happy. But all the world’s wealth cannot buy you happiness nor save you from death. By the way, love is all we’re required to have to succeed in life.

We should concentrate our effort and dedication on improving our way to love.

Love and pardon will save the world and ourselves. Nothing else is required. Since you have learned how to love, you reach heaven here on earth.

No effort is required. It’s a natural process that happens on its own. Yes, it has ups and downs. But we’re not alone. We’re surrounded by billions of brothers and sisters struggling all for the same purpose. How to be able to love without effort.

That’s it.

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The Wrong Judgments

I think it’s time to postulate some thoughts based on my recent experiences.

Many people judge. And judge so easily by not giving them the time to people to explain or improve themselves.

Me too.

But we should know that even though judging is so easy, less easy is to correct our judgments or, better, understand that no judgment is correct.

We are equipped with a finite mind that never will be able to comprehend the vastity of any human being.

What we can do is vent upon something or someone unless it gives rise to a war.

For this reason, many people keep their judgements secret because they cause conflict and, above all, because they are usually limited and wrong.

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Gaining Free Will

There are so many wrong sides and aspects of reality, so those who even aspire or hope that something gets better should be considered crazy.
If humanity cannot cure itself, who can do it instead?

My answer is to do what I freely want wherever it leads me. But this raises a bunch of questions:

  • What do I freely want to do?
  • Why do I want what I want?
  • Where it leads me?
  • Am I free?

These questions lean on the mystery of free will. For many centuries philosophers and theologists have tried to answer these questions.

Everyone has underlined some particular aspect of the issue and faced it in a specific manner. Still, there is no absolute and definitive answer, we can debate as long as we want, but the answer is absolutely personal and subjective. Because the concept of free will implies the idea of free thoughts. And if a man is not allowed to think in a way he judges as correct, he is not free at all.

But to have free thoughts, it’s needed to free our minds and heart from many biases. But removing biases is the most challenging task.

Often, it requires us to strike the fundamental of our being and give up all our superstitions.

For these reasons, we need to support each other. This is a goal we have to achieve collectively, despite race, religion, beliefs or nationality

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The Battle Against The Self-reflection

In our society, specific values predominate, such as wealth, beauty and, superior attitude, social status. All of these values have one thing in common. They are all values that make us feel superior. So we struggle to achieve these goals because, ultimately, we want to be superior to others.

But why do we need to feel superior to others? This is connected to the image that we have of ourselves and that we want others to have of us.

We want to have an image of ourselves that satisfies us. Also, How many times have we found ourselves feeling a blind fury because someone dared to break the mirror that we find ourselves inside? How many times are we sad or, even worse, depressed when we think that our reflection is irreparably compromised? How often are we threatened because we perceive that others think something about us that we don’t like?

So what to do? I think what to do is a personal choice. Because the battle against the reflection of oneself is a battle with no holds barred. And everyone must be free to face it as they see fit. Sometimes you have to give him rope because the image of himself is so strong that sometimes we have to force him to win.

However, I believe that with a bit of back and forth, gaining more and more awareness and gaining experience, this is a battle that can be won. But why should we win it? Why don’t we just care and stay at the mercy of our reflection and what others think?

Simple, because you live badly. Prisoners in a cage that we have built ourselves. Therefore if a man wants to be free and experience true freedom, and not the illusory one which consists in thinking he is superior, he must get rid of the self-reflection.

Furthermore, if we count all the evil things that man does and has done in the name of vanity, we will understand that there is also a social reason.

And when a man gets rid of this reflection, he will see who he really is. And once he knows who he really is, he will never be able to go back. Luckily, I might add…

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A new epistemology that leads to freedom

If I shouldn’t believe in anything I don’t have direct experience of, I shouldn’t even believe what science says. Because I have neither witnessed nor had the intellectual tools to understand many scientific experiments.
In fact, I have faith in what science says, more precisely, what I have been told, because it is much more plausible than ancient esoteric beliefs.
But I have experience with technology because I can experience that every day. And technology is based on science.
But science is constantly evolving. And the evolution of science often presupposes invalidating explanations that were previously believed to be accurate.
In fact, even the ancients experimented with their technology, as even at the time, there was scientific progress. Still, science explained that technology with arguments that would now make us laugh.
Because even though everything is subject to refutation and science is gradually refuted. It does not mean that all explanations of nature are the same.

The enormous effort our society has made in the process of secularization has led it to construct ever more complex and articulated visions of reality based on reality, experimentation, syllogisms and logical elaboration.

And all this is also reflected in ethics, morals, society and religion. In fact, more and more groups of autonomous people, who do not adhere to any religion, party, organization, or community, are developing. Indeed we are coming to understand that from experience and study, we can deduce our model of reality and our moral rules without these being dictated to us from above or by an external entity.

This is because, until now, science, which dictated the model of reality (and this is especially true for social realities), has presented itself as dogmatic. It did not explain where the pillars that founded our ideas came from. And therefore, all the organizations of society, religious and secular, were somehow dogmatic and self-referential. (They say something like it has to do through this way because it has to do through this way).

Many of these dogmas, given as incontrovertible truths, appear for what they are: explanations given for convenience, ignorance or, worse, to take advantage of them.

But a new category of thinkers is emerging, those who question everything. Which was forbidden until some time ago.

Once the dogmas have been unmasked and understood for what they are (practically easy and comfortable truths), what can be done with the newly acquired awareness is limitless. We will be free because we will no longer have our minds darkened by those concepts we believed to be true without ever having thought about them.

The time has come to get involved and question everything.

As a choice, I choose not to join any dogmatic or self-referential community. But I prefer to join only those communities that try to build behaviour patterns based on reason (even feelings) and give more value to relationships rather than hierarchies, rules or habits.

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Improve yourselves to improve the world

In my opinion, the world needs to be changed, as someone says. Still, it is also true that believing in a perfect society where there are no social and emotional difficulties is utopian, as someone else says. After all, someone said that if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself.
So if you don’t face all the negative situations with an attitude of personal growth, in the end, you will remain the same as always, and therefore you will not bring any benefit to the world.
I also believe that taking one’s own life is never the solution. And that words, even if they hurt like hell, are always just words, and even if they sometimes have devastating emotional effects, you have to deal with it.
And it’s only when those words won’t hurt you anymore, neither in memories nor in reality, that you can say you’ve won, that you’ve become a better person and that you’re ready to contribute to the world. Otherwise, you will remain nothing but another human being trapped in his ego or emotional limits. And a person unable to improve himself will never be able to contribute significantly to the world.

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Discussing not-believing topics with theists

Whether or not it is “right” to discuss non-believing topics with people who believe in a god or gods is a matter of personal opinion and can depend on the context and the specific individuals involved. Some people may find such discussions to be enlightening and productive, while others may find them to be divisive or offensive.

It is essential to approach any discussion about religion or belief with respect and an open mind. It’s also important to understand that people’s beliefs can be deeply personal and may be tied to their sense of identity, culture and community. Challenging or questioning those beliefs can be difficult for them.

It’s always best to have an open and respectful dialogue rather than trying to convince or impose your beliefs on someone else. And also, it is vital to be aware of your own knowledge and understanding of the topic and be ready to listen, learn and acknowledge others’ perspectives.

For example, the constitution protects freedom of religion in Italy, and the government respects this right in practice. While the Catholic Church has a strong presence in the country and many traditional customs and ceremonies reflect this, atheism is not illegal in Italy, and individuals are free to hold their own beliefs. However, as in any country, there may be some societal discrimination or prejudice against non-believers, and it’s essential to be aware of this and exercise caution. It’s also worth noting that the Catholic Church continues to be very influential in Italian society and culture and that atheism or lack of religious belief may be met with resistance or misunderstanding in some quarters.