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Balancing adherence to one’s values with free-will

It is true that values can be perceived differently from person to person and that what is considered necessary can vary according to individual culture, upbringing and experience.

Furthermore, while some values are shared by many spiritual and philosophical traditions, such as love and compassion, their interpretation and application can vary greatly.

We have the right to choose how to live our lives and what values to follow. Generally, it is important to respect different opinions and interpretations of values and try to understand the reasons behind them. At the same time, even though it can seem important to try to live according to your values and to encourage others to do the same (always respecting differences), free will is an essential principle in most philosophies and religions.

Respecting different opinions and interpretations of values is a universal principle which promotes tolerance and mutual understanding. Indeed, accepting differences and understanding the motivations behind the different perspectives are fundamental for peaceful coexistence between people and cultures.

In general, even though living according to one’s values can be seen as vital because it allows us to be consistent with ourselves and to live an authentic life (for this reason, it is equally important to respect the choices and opinions of others, even if they do not coincide with ours) and that consistency between one’s values and one’s actions can be seen as vital because it helps us to live authentically and coherently with ourselves, we should think it is true that following one’s inclinations and instincts can be just as crucial to living a satisfying and fulfilling life.

Balancing consistency and following one’s inclinations can be critical to living a balanced and authentic life. At the same time, it is essential to be flexible and willing to change one’s values and opinions based on new experiences and knowledge.

In summary, there are no unambiguous and definitive answers to these issues. It always depends on the individual situations and individuals; finding a balance that satisfies one’s well-being and that of others is vital.

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Healthy working environment

Today, chatting with the chat of openai, we talked about many fascinating topics, which gave me interesting insight. I copied and pasted one I found very interesting about a healthy and productive environment,

Several traits can contribute to a healthy and productive work environment:

  1. Trust: A healthy work environment is built on trust, where employees feel that they can be open and honest with their colleagues and manager without fear of retribution.
  2. Respect: A healthy work environment is one where all employees are treated with respect, regardless of their position or role.
  3. Inclusion: A healthy work environment is inclusive, where diversity and differences are valued, and everyone feels welcome and included.
  4. Communication: A healthy work environment is characterized by open and honest communication, where employees feel comfortable sharing their ideas and concerns.
  5. Support: A healthy work environment is where employees feel supported by their colleagues and manager and where resources are available to help them succeed.
  6. Collaboration: A healthy work environment is one where employees are able to work together effectively and collaborate towards common goals.
  7. Growth: A healthy work environment is one where employees have opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
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The meaningless crisis

I’m going through a period where everything seems meaningless. What can we hold on to when life has no meaning? Many people find meaning in family, society, religion, science, and everything that can satisfy them personally. But personal and historical facts force me to think life has no meaning. And even though I have everything I need, this is a harsh personal situation.

Even the idea of God that in the past seemed to give me so much relief now seems like God, or it doesn’t exist or doesn’t care. Too many wrong things in the history of humanity have happened and are happening today. Neither the word of Jesus Christ, about unconditional love, which I strongly believed in the past, now seem so fake to me.

The personal relationships with people and beloved ones where I thought I could find meaning feel empty, fake and moved by interests.

How can I survive this period of meaningless crisis? I think I have no solution. Just survive for the sake of living. By my side, I will try to build meaningful connections and be authentic. This is all I can and want to do. Even though this means building anything at all.

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The three states

What’s happiness?

As my mom told me, happiness is not uninterrupted, but it expresses itself occasionally and for short times.

But what am I when I’m not happy?

The only two states that come to my mind now are:


– serene

Both have their own purpose.

– When I’m troubled, I always look for something and enter a creative/study zone.

– When I’m serene, I’m prone to rest and have a peaceful and transparent contemplation of the universe.

But what is the purpose of being happy?

When I’m happy, I have an explosion of trust, hope and faith. And everything I listen to, watch or read has a deep meaning. It is like I live in a universe tailored to me. And everything I do is a step toward the perfection of the universe.

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Original me

Clearly, it’s not enough having the desire to share opinions and ideas in this world.

You need to be more effective but how?

I know only a way: being truer possible.

But my reality is not aligned with the environment.

So I ask why. Am I crazy? Am I a misfit? Maybe. But I have original ideas that come from my own inside. They are seeds of my own way of thinking, my actual being.

And even if no one likes them, they are genuinely conceived.

I’m the original me; that’s enough. Other, I don’t wanna know.

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Evil and Good

Are evil and good sides to the same coin?

Should they coexist in us so we can be complete?

I know our actions often cannot be purely bad or good and have ambivalent side effects.

We cannot avoid hurting someone even when we act with our best intention.

And, you can like or not like it; when someone puts in action a horrible thing, some good people could take advantage of it.

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Golden rules

Admiring a person only because they are famous is mental.
Respecting a person only because they say morally correct sentences is naive.
Following a person only because they are rich is for pimps.


Admire people that love without consideration.
Please be sure to respect people whose acts are coherent with moral evaluations.
Follow people that inspire you to grow as a better person.

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The real success

Do you think that a rich person is inevitably successful?

You can be the richest person on the planet but if:

– you don’t have time for your passions
– nobody cares or loves you
– you’re surrounded by people only for sake of selfish interests
– you are rude to your subordinates
– you’re strong with the weak ones
– you’re weak with the strong ones
– you do a job you hate
– you cheat and steal
– you care about your image above everything

I think is much more worthwhile when:

– you have time to do things you love
– someone loves and cares about you
– you could have fewer friends but the important ones
– you are kind and patient with people even if you’re in power
– you stand against injustices
– maybe you don’t earn a lot of money but you have what you need and do a job you love
– you’re an honest person
– you are on a path of personal growth and care only for things that really matter

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Life purpose

Living purposelessly can be pretty challenging but it has to do sometimes.

Because our volubility doesn’t let us keep the same position in the mood spectrum.

So, it happens to be in the mood of purposelessness. And it could last.

This is because our purpose depends upon our attitude. But can it have a more deep foundation?

What if our purpose relies on practical evidence we have given to ourselves?

How can we build such evidence?

Everything starts from the bottom, we should, in the beginning, root ourselves in a clear vision of ourselves.

If you don’t know who you are you never can obtain the clarity of mind to have the subsequent steps.

We should listen inside, deep ourselves no matter how much pain we feel or how much scary it is.

After you have faced the long trip that leads you to the awareness of yourself, you can begin to build a strong understanding of yourself that put you in the place to discover the real purpose of your life.

At least, I suppose.