Positive Post

What we are (eternally)

I have chosen to be the real me, but it’s not easy if every action I bring seems fake and I suffer from impostor syndrome.

But I’m real, I have done a lot of decisions (followed by actions) that put myself on the table. And I have had a lot of fun doing them!

I think that life could be appreciated only if you are able to be yourself. Don’t misunderstand me, I lie sometimes but I know it when I do. What matters the most is to be authentic with yourself. To know who we are.

And we are many things we are losers, winners, successful and mediocre people. It depends on the point of view we see ourselves.

But whatever we see we should have the will to improve our personal being. Because as I said many times we aren’t caring only about mind and body. We are caring about our souls. And souls last eternally.


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